wedding buffetWeddings – ah, aren’t they magical? The union of two people, two individuals deciding to spend to the rest of their lives together. Lovely! Strange though, that among all these individuals, most opt for the traditional wedding, the church, the sit down lunch, the speeches, the reception, the unappetising buffet…

There is another option… You don’t have to conform! More and more couples are  having their wedding their way, and having a wonderful celebration of their own choosing!

Maybe you’re a Cornish lad / lass and would never leave this fair county, or perhaps you’re returning here to wed as it’s where you grew up, or maybe you just fell in love with Cornwall as you did your spouse to be? Either way, for a Cornish celebration that might be slightly classier than a pasty or fish and chips – how about a Hog Roast?

When it comes to Wedding Catering in Cornwall, a hog roast may not be your first thought, but for something simple, for guests to snack as they please during the celebrations – it may be the ideal choice.

wedding tableA Hog Roast gives an alternative to a sit down meal or a tired buffet, and combines perfectly with live music and Cornish beer and wine. We can help you design the ideal wedding catering package, offering not only hog roasts and food, but also beer and wine for the big day. We may be one of the more unusual wedding caterers in Cornwall, but we have heaps of experience at delivering fantastic wedding banquets.

So, on your wedding day, don’t be afraid to start as you mean to go on, with celebrating in a style that suits you! If you are a little unconventional, a free spirit, an outdoor type, or just someone with a love of tasty food – why not consider a hog roast? (For the veggie’s among your party – we also offer jacket potatoes).

If you’re interested, why don’t you come try for yourself at one of the Pirates games, or by getting in touch.

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