Welcome to Roseworthy Farms / LTC Caterings Hog Roasts

Are you planning a special celebration a wedding or birthday or just a get-together with friends then why not consider a delightful HOG ROAST.

Hog Roasts the costs and what we offer!

Option A) The Full Package
We can deliver to your party/wedding/event the ‘full works’ comprising of;
One 60 KILO Hog Roasted to perfection-ready to serve at your time with;
Bread Rolls
Delicious Apple Stuffing
Paper plates
Fully staffed to serve your event (CALL FOR QUOTE)

Option B) Do It Your Self

Have all of the above delivered to you and YOU CARVE and SERVE yourselves after a short lesson on what to do and safety measures!
At the end of your party we will come and take away our hog roaster! Simple!
All for the price of (CALL FOR QUOTE)

Option C)

Something you want to change on the above, then not a problem as we can offer a fully bespoke service catered to your requirements

We can also supply
Spuds, Salads, Desserts or any other extras you wish!

Some Interesting Facts about Us and our Hog Roasts
All of our HOG ROAST are bred to a very high standard on our own Roseworthy Farms!

Our HOG ROAST is perfectly safe to use indoors and outdoors, correctly served should provide enough sandwiches for well over 100 persons.

We can also provide licenced bars if required, our Hog Roasts DIY or Staffed can be brought to you in Devon or Cornwall


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