General Catering Trailers Food Selection

Real Home Made Chilli & Chips
Pork Curry & Chips
Tender Pork Loins
Beef Curry & Chips
Steak Baguettes and other fillings with fresh salads & dressings
Chicken Fillets & Chips
Vegetarian options
Homemade Burgers from 1/4lb to 3/4
Homemade Sausages with award winning recipe

Coffee & Baguette Trailer Food Selection

Selections of Homemade cakes
Fresh filled baguettes made with meat from our own farm
Fresh filled sandwiches made with meat from our own farm
Fairtrade Puro Coffee
A wide selection of chocolate bars & small cake bars
Homemade Egg & Bacon Pies
Homemade Tarts

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